Sunday, 27 November 2011

Free Download Friday #115: Voodoo Six

I won tickets from Rock Radio Real Radio XS to see Voodoo Six in concert tonight. Unfortunately, the lead vocalist, Luke Purdie, has a a throat infection and the gig was cancelled. :-(

But every cloud has a sliver lining because it made me hunt down their website for more details... where I found they are offering a free download of Take The Blame from their latest album:

You know the drill. Give them an email address and they will give you a free download of a belter of a rock track.


Mosher said...

Someone famous with my surname? Cool.

As an alternative, you could always catch Theory of a Dead Man, Blackstone Cherry and Alter Bridge at the SECC tonight... should be a belter!

David said...

Am I right in thinking Theory Of A Deadman are the headliners and BSC are one of the supporting acts? Wrong way round if you ask me!

Mosher said...

I bet you're one of those weird people who think Metallica should headline the "Big4" acts when, in reality, Anthrax are the best of the bunch.

I've only heard a little bit of ToaDM and what I've heard I like. Hence why we're aiming to get there soon after doors open to make sure we see them. BSC are very good (and touring themselves in March 2012 - they're playing the Barras or ABC as well as Edinburgh Playhouse) and Alter Bridge are superb.

Not often you get so many quality bands on one bill without going to a festival!

David said...

First:  how was the gig. I see you've already posted some pictures.

Second: Metalica verses Anthrax - I have absolutely no opinion either way.  Sorry.

Third: Black Stone Cherry's eponymous debut album is absolutely stunningly good. One of the best first albums I've heard. Pretty much every track is a winner. I don't have any Alter Bridge albums but I have various tracks from Classic Rock Magazine cover mounted disks and everything I've heard on Rock Radio, I like! AB III is now pretty much at the top of my wish list to buy. Whereas, Theory Of A Deadman is just good. I liked the single, I Hate My Life, when I first heard it (though, the more I heard it, the more it sounded like Nickleback to me). I have their debut album and it's good... But I'm still surprised they are topping the bill.

Mosher said...

Oh, they weren't! AB headlined, BSC were "Very Special Guests" and ToaD were opening :)

The pics went up during the gig courtesy of the SECC having a decent 3G signal. The Garage used to, as well, but it seems to have died over the last few months :(

Gig was great overall - review up tonight on the blog if I get time. ToaD were on when we got there and they played the only song they ever play on Rock Radio (or whatever they call it this week) which I agree, does sound like Nickelback. Mind you, they are both from Canada... Still, I thought they put on a good performance so I'm thinking of getting a ticket to see them in Feb.

BSC were excellent, and again I think they've just sold 2-3 tickets to their Glasgow gig in March.

Alter Bridge were top notch as ever, although the over-long alternating solo towards the end was unnecessary and rather dull.

David said...

Well that makes sense. Coulden't see how the Theory boys were at the top of the bill. I think they are all on Roadrunner Records and the company seems to give their money's worth when their bands tour. Certainly, the last time I saw Airbourne they had Taking Dawn and The Black Spiders as support - both bands that I'd probably go and see on their own.

Not sure about the "both from Canada" comment. Rush and Joni Mitchell are "both from Canada" but neither sound like Nickelback!

Mosher said...

Was your last Airbourne gig at the Barras? I'm sure I saw Black Spiders support them there and there could have been an earlier support I missed.

I agree with the VFM of the Roadrunner tours. I'm off to see Trivium next week (if the tickets turn up...) in one of those promotional tours. Two big headliners and about 6 other up-and-comers. Now, why did the school go and have to book a parents' evening the same flipping day?!