Friday, 3 July 2009

Logan need your vote

This is a follow up to the last Free Music Friday (Free Download Friday #16: Logan). Earlier this week I got an email from Logan... well, it wasn't just to me personally, asking if I would vote for the video on the worldsings site.

This wasn't a site I'd heard of but they are running a competition at the moment. Logan's email said:
We are also currently involved in the Worldsings competition which gives us the chance to play in Las Vegas next year if we make the final - so if you could help us out by voting for our video entry of When I Get Down, it would be much appreciated - check it out here.
The admit they started a bit late and with 75 votes at time of writing, they are miles away from wining. However, I had a listen to the one that's currently at the top of the chart and I thought it was poor. Both the Logan video and song blow it away.

So if you like what you heard of Logan, head over to worldsings and give them your vote!

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