Monday, 21 December 2009

More Christmas Music

I love Christmas music and will listen to all sorts of stuff at Christmas that I wouldn't normally entertain. For example, I am quite happy to Step Into Christmas with Mr John and sometimes I will be simply, having a Wonderful Christmastime with Mr McCartney. (I do however draw the line at stupid songs about travelling spacemen with Mr De Burgh - everyone has to draw the line somewhere!) As far as I'm concerned, you cannot hear Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade often enough - despite a claim by the Performing Rights Society that almost half the world has heard it! In case you are in the 58% who have avoided this gem so far, here are the boys from Slade showing how to do the perfect Christmas single:

If however, you are looking for something a bit different in the last few days before Christmas, the radio station XFM could come to your rescue. This year, they have links to what they call the Twelve Videos of Christmas. This list includes U2, The Killers and The Darkness - excellent! Last year, they provided an alternative Christmas playlist with some interesting, not to say downright bizarre choices. (One of my favourites from this list has to be Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas from Eels.) Unfortunately, the player widget doesn't seem to be working so I created a Spotify Playlist with as many of the tracks as I could find. I've shared the playlist, so feel free to add your own off the wall Christmas tracks - you may get some ideas on the BBC playlist from 2006.

What are your Christmas favourites?


Mosher said...

I still urge you to check out Weird Al's two tracks - Christmas at Ground Zero and The Night Santa Went Crazy (the uncensored version if you can find it).

David said...

Thanks Mosher

Both are available on Spotify and both have now been added to my Spotify Playlist. :-)

Doug Deutsch said...

de again a band from my rock n roll childhood..who didn't love their song, "Goodbye T' Jane?"

Doug Deutsch said...

Ok, Mates, let's try this again: What I MEANT to write before was, great to hear SLADE again...a favorite band from my teenage rock n roll days...who didn't love their anthem, "Goodbye To Jane?"

David said...

Hello Doug

I recently picked up a Slade Greatest Hits CD in a charity shop and was really impressed. I don't think I realised as a youth just how good a band they were.

admin said...

Total Guitar Magazine were supposed to run the guitar tab of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody in the Christmas edition - but it was notably absent. I can only assume copyright issues.

Although I'm not an Oasis fan, I really like the melancholic version by Noel Gallagher (I think it was used in The Royle Family credits several years ago).

Anyway, all the best for 2010. Jim (GuitarSavvy)

David said...

The Oasis version is great. It has always seemed pointless to me when people do covers that essentially sound the same as the original. And let's face it, who could compete with Noddy vocally? If you're going to cover something; put your own twist on it! Oasis have definately put their own stamp on it. Do you know if it was released anywhere? I must hit iTunes etc. to see if I can find it.