Saturday, 28 May 2011

Free Music Friday #101: Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records continue to give away some great music. This week, not just one track but ten different tracks for download.

First up, a track from Kids In Glass Houses. Go to their new website, enter a username and email and they will give you a track from their soon to be released album for free. And here's the official teaser:

And if a free track wasn't enough, they are also giving away free Downlad Fesival Sampler album featuring the nine artists from the label that are appearing at the Download Festival this year. For this one, you have to go to the Roadrunner Records facebook page and "like" them. Simples!

Is there a record company that gives away more free stuff than Roadrunner? If there is, I haven't found it. As I've said before, it is mostly down to their generosity that I have discovered many of their artists and bought their albums as a result.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Free Music Friday #100: The Union

I've featured the union before (see Free Download Friday #66: Back after a long holiday...) and every time I hear them I decide I want to hear more. The band features Luke Morley from Thunder and Pete Shoulder from Winterville and I believe they are supporting Whitesnake when they tour later this year.

They are currently offering two tracks for download on their website. The first, in exchange for your email address, gives you the chance to download their new single, which is also the title track from their forthcoming album: Siren Song. This is a belter of a track. It starts with a Blues soaked acoustic section for a verse or so before the rest of the band comes crashing in. There is real light in shade in this track with a grumbling bass line, a short but impressive guitar solo, Siren style backing vocals and a kitchen sink for good measure. (Well, I may have lied about the sink part.)

They did a live version at the Rock Radio Birthday bash. Not quite as impressive without the acoustic section at the start but still jolly good I hope you'll agree:

They are also offering an older track, Black Monday, which is more of a straightforward Blues/Rock offering.

You can almost smell the whisky from the saloon bar the track conjures up as you listen!

So what do you think? Do you want to hear more from the Union?

{P.S. The hundredth Free Music Friday download. I'm quite pleased to have kept it going this long!}

Friday, 13 May 2011

Free Music Friday #99: Black Country Communion

Black Country Communion (featuring my favourite contemporary Blues guitarist - Joe Bonamassa) have a new album that is due out soon. To get you in the mood, the are currently giving away a free download of The Outsider.

PB300032 by Joanie-21
PB300032 a photo by Joanie-21 on Flickr.
Mr Bonamassa does not disappoint with riff that hooks you in at the start and a great guitar solo that kicks in around the two minute mark. In fact, there is some nice interplay between Joe and the keyboard player, Derek Sherinian. It reminds me a bit of the duelling that used to take place between Jon Lord and Richie Blackmore in Deep Purple. It works well in this recording and I suspect they will have a lot of fun with it when playing live.

And talking of playing live, Planet Rock VIP Club has a link to a free download of two live tracks: Black Country and One Last Soul. (Two songs but packaged as a single mp3.) Those nice people at Blabbermouth alerted me to this freebie and give a good explanation of how you go about acquiring the tracks. The drumming here seems passionate and it sounds like Jason is enjoying himself.

Black Country Communion are coming to Glasgow on the 29th of July (along with the Michael Schenker Group). Very tempted to see if I can rustle up a fellow Bonamassa fan or two (or BCC fan, or MSG fan for that matter) and attend this gig.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rush - From the first Album

Going to see Rush when they hit Glasgow on 14th May. I enjoyed finding and posting videos for the 30 Day Challenge, so I thought I'd post some Rush videos on the run up to the concert.

Here's the one that started it: an American DJ picked up on this song and started playing it. The interest this generated helped Rush secure a record deal... and the rest is history.

Great stuff! Interesting to see the original drummer and hear him introduce the song.