Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 15 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Favourite Bond theme tune

I was tempted to go for a classic oldie - Thunderball by Tom Jones partly because I think this was the first Bond I saw in the cinema. I went as a young teenager with a couple of friends to see it in a double bill with Diamonds Are For Ever. I was stunned by the scope of the films. Vast armies, secret bases in volcanoes, villainous villains and literally going from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space. These two films are to this day my favourite Bonds.

I decided thought, that this was a movie music challenge, so went with this as my favourite theme:

I really like Chris Cornell's voice and I think the slightly vulnerable tone to his voice you can hear works really well for this film.

So, what's your favourite Bond theme? Are you old Bond, new Bond... or a closet Sheena Easton fan?


Mosher said...

First, let's get this out of the way. The worst Bond theme song by a mile is that Madonna one. Also the worst supporting appearance in a Bond film (Madonna) and the worst Bond film.

Best theme song would be one of the oldies for me. I can barely recall any of the more recent ones and that includes the Cornell number. Nothing against him, but no Bond film made in the last 10-12 years (or its theme) will ever be a classic in the way a Moore/Lazenby/Connery era one will be.

OK, maybe not a favourite musically but as far as "iconic" goes it has to be Goldfinger. Overblown, as charismatic as the film itself, descriptive - as much a part of the film as any supporting character could be.

David said...

Shirley Bassey at full tilt is hard to beat!