Saturday, 19 November 2011

Day 18 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Music by an artist that appears in a film as a character

I've featured this clip before (in Alex The Actor) but it seems appropriate for today's topic:

Apparetly, the film is called Suck and despite being a big Rush fan, I've never seen it... but from the look of the film's trailer, the above clip might be the best bit in it! So here's some of Alex doing what he does best:

Are rock stars universally duff actors? Can you come up with an example where musician does a good job of being someone other than himself or herself?


Mosher said...

Flea from RHCP was in a film called The Chase some years ago. He played a somewhat mental hick with a big truck who tries to catch an escaped kidnapper. Hardly a classic turn, but he wasn't bad.

David said...

Is this an example of typecasting? Not sure about the "hick" but "somewhat mental" doesn't seem too far from the truth. :-)

Just looked him up on IMDB where they list 26 film appearances including the voice of Donnie in the Wild Thornberrys - who would have thought it!?

Mosher said...

I'm sure there are loads of musos who've taken the jump into acting. Some with dreadful consequences (like Madonna)...

Of course, there are a couple who've gone the other way as well - Timberlake, Leto, etc.

David said...

You're right... And I'm not sure that actors turned musicians are any more successful than musicians turned actor!