Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review: Uriah Heep - Live At Koko

I have just posted my first non-Rush related review at The Moshville Times: Uriah Heep - Live At Koko.

Wizards%252520%252526%252520Demons%252520by%252520Roger%252520DeanUriah Heep was one of those bands that, as a teenager, I was aware of but somehow never connected with. I even had a poster of one of their covers on my wall but, until relatively recently, I did not own any of their albums. I got the poster because it was by Roger Dean an artist I came across through the work he did with Yes. I saw the poster in Listen in Renfield Street (now there was a record shop!) and bought it because I thought it looked cool. It was only after it was on my wall that I discovered it was album art for Uriah Heep - Wizards & Demons.

(If you are interested, you can buy it to download as a desktop image from Roger's site.)

But back to Live At Koko... You can read the review for full details but the edited highlight is: I like it! Comments and constructive criticism is welcome either here or on the Moshville Times site.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Back in the saddle again

Just started writing for the Moshville Times, so decided it was well past time to start writing here too.  My first two reviews have been about, guess what, Rush!
Head over there and leave a comment. All comments and constructive criticism gratefully received.