Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 06 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Music from an artist you like but that you didn't expect to hear in a film

Your watching a kids film, Small Soldiers in this case, and it suddenly gets a bit creepy with demented mutant Barbie dolls. Then, to my surprise, Led Zeppelin kicks in! 

Fast forward to 4:23 and enjoy.

Have you ever been surprised by a piece of music in a film? For example, I would have gone for The Boys Are Back In Town - a song about drunkenness, fighting and sexism - used for Toy Story, but I think it was only used in the trailer.


Mosher said...

Again, too many to mention. Very frequently it seems to be Priest's "Breaking The Law" or something by AC/DC but I love hearing a bit of metal in a childrens' film.

All the better when it's someone that nobody else seems to recognise. I've picked up on Hatebreed in the XXX soundtrack and Fear Factory in one or two others.

David said...

Metal on something like XXX is not that surprising but it is fun when stuff shows up unexpectedly in a children's movie!