Saturday, 17 September 2011

Free Download Friday #109: Black Country Communion Live

Another freebie from Black Country Communion (see previous posts) - this time from their forthcoming concert DVD (and album?): Live Over Europe.

To whet your appetite, here's a trailer:

According the the bumph on the pre-order page, the double DVD comes with a free download of a live track. Thankfully though, you don't have to wait for the DVD release because they are giving the track away on their website just now. Give them an email address, and they'll give you the link to download a live version of Song Of Yesterday.

And it is a belter of a track. From the opening solo by, through the outstanding solo about halfway through, to the ending that romps and then ends on a more gentle reprise, it would seem that Mr Bonamassa is on fine form and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Joe Bonamassa also takes the bulk of the vocal duties which is more than fine by me!

I can't remember why I couldn't see this band when they played Glasgow at the end of July but hearing this live track makes me absolutely determined not to miss them the next time they tour. (In fact, I've not managed to see Joe Bonamassa in concert either. Something else I really need to put right!)

So what do you think? Is Song Of Yesterday your cup of tea? And would you consider getting the DVD when it becomes available?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Free Download Friday #108: Tom Hollister Trio

Missed last week (incompetence rather than lack of tracks) but back with a belter of a Blues track.

The Tom Hollister Trio is another band I first came a on a cover disk from Classic Rock magazine. Their website is impressive with a good selection of live video and audio files to check out, for example, here's a video from their YouTube channel taken from the Steelhouse Festival in Ebbw Vale, South Wales recorded on the 20th August 2011:

Their facebook page also has a load of good information and links. They had made an ep available for free download through facebook but unfortunately, you can no longer get it free. Have a listen to one of the tracks to see what you (and I) missed and if you like it, it only costs a pound to download the whole three track ep!

But this post isn't called "Very Cheap Download Friday". So where's the freebie? Well you can't get the Knebworth ep free any more, but you can get a free track recorded at Sonisfere in 2010 because you can download Sweet Words from their Bandcamp site. And what a track it is. If you like it, you can listen to three tracks from Sonisfere with this widget:

I make no secret of my admiration for trios. It seems to me, with only three in a band, there is no room for slackers. Everyone has to pull their weight... and with this band, it sounds like the guitarist is pulling hard enough for three people on his own. The frighteningly talented guitarist may be the first to grab the ear but the bassist/vocalist and drummer are far from shabby and they are the kind of band that rewards repeated listens.

As far as I'm concerned, with bands like this on the rise, the future of the Blues is not just safe but positively dangerous! (And that's a good thing, in case you are confused.)

So what do you think of TH3?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Freddy Mercury - Google Doodle

The Google Doodles are usually fun and interesting but every so often they out do themselves. Today's falls into the "above and beyond" category: an animated video of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now to commemorate Freddy Mercury's birthday.

I suppose it will eventual turn up in the Doodle Archive, but here's a YouTube video in case you are unlucky enough to live in America (where it will not be shown until tomorrow):

Not interactive like the Les Paul Doodle but still great fun. Thank you Google.