Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 17 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Music by an artist that appears in a movie as themselves 

Does this challenge make sense? For example, I could have gone for Alice Cooper in Wayne's World, or Rush in I Love You Man - two films I have already featured here.

The one I've chosen for today is a slight cheat - Lemmy in the film Airheads. It is a slight cheat because he is credited in the titles as "Lemmy von Motörhead". However, it is close enough for this purpose and gives me the excuse to link to this track from the soundtrack:

The video quality is pretty poor but close your eyes and enjoy Lemmy doing what he does!

To be honest, I could do without the Ice-T bits... but you can't have everything.


Mosher said...

Top choice, and don't forget that Lemmy appears in the film as a high school reject *and* is referred to by one of the characters shortly before ("Trick question - Lemmy *is* God!")

Off the top of my head, I'll go for Cannibal Corpse who appeared as themselves in Ace Ventura, playing Hammer Smashed Face. Who knew that Jim Carey was a closet death metal fan?

David said...

The less I know about Jim Carey, the happier I am!