Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 04 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

 Music from a film that was used to promote an artist (could be film about an artist or just a soundtrack tie in)

I suspect, as with so many things, Elvis was the first to do this, so I could have gone for any of his films... or indeed Britain's answer to Elivis - Cliff. (Honest, I did consider Summer Holiday.)

In the end though, I went for The Beatles and Help!

Loved this film the first time I saw it and, although the style has dated somewhat, the music is as strong as ever. And how can anyone criticise Ringo after seeing his performance in this clip?

So what will you go for? I dare someone to choose Head from The Monkees!


Mosher said...

I'd stick with the Beatles and go with When I'm 65 from Yellow Submarine. Or Nowhere Man. Far too many to pick from - amazing film.

David said...

And if you heard those two tracks for the first time, with no knowledge of the background, would you assume they were by the same band? Stunningly talented group.