Thursday, 24 June 2010

Coheed And Cambira Secret Session

Once again, thanks to Rock Radio, I won the chance to go to a Secret Session. (See Dommin Acoustic Set Review for details of my previous win.) This time, I got the chance to hear Coheed and Cambria.

This is a band I'd heard about but hadn't really heard! (I have read about them in Classic Rock Presents Prog but only heard a couple of tracks on the radio.) This was a mistake because they were excellent and I really need to track down a CD as soon as possible.

The venue seemed much busier than the last time with people packed in and many of them were going on to the gig at the ABC afterwards. The band were crowded onto the tiny stage and although they apologised for not really having rehearsed an acoustic set, they sounded excellent. The guitarist, Travis Stever was impressive and the vocalist, Claudio Sanchez, had a really interesting and distinctive voice. The bass player, Michael Todd, kept things moving along and introduced the songs. I did feel sorry for Chris Pennie, who was squished in at the end doing the best he could with a single snare drum.

As well as being impressive musicians, they seemed to be really good chaps too. For a start, after the session, they stayed for ages signing stuff and posing for pictures. I was even more impressed when I saw them outside the venue later on. Claudio got out the tour bus and was approached by fans. The minder/roadie/person who was with him tried to hurry him away but Claudio stopped and posed for the photos. Very cool! (See the photo taken by my daughter.)

A full report, with videos, has been posted on the Rock Radio site. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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