Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 03 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Music from a documentary/mockumentary.

A band I love? Has to be Rush. A documentary? Has to be Beyond the Lighted Stage :-)

I blogged about this documentary in June last year and one of the things I really liked about it was seeing the old footage of the band in their very early days. In particular, there were some snipits from a concert they played in a school hall, just after the release of their first album, while John Rutsey was still the drummer. Someone has posted a whole song's worth of this concert from the DVD extras disk, so here is more than eight minutes worth of Working Man:

Two comments. One: interesting to see that John Rutsey introduced the song. Two: what were they wearing? I mean, what is that thing Alex has round is neck? And the glittery t-shrt was surely ill advised. (Although, I must own up to wearing a glittery Blue Oyster Cult t-shirt in the late seventies!) Geddy appears to be wearing a blouse that's knotted under his moobs and those sleeves that surely contravene umpteen health and safety regulations.

Hopefully some of you at least will have a favourite bit from a music documentary.

{Update: I've altered this challenge from how it was originally posted. Hopefully, it broadens things out and will make it easier for people to join in.}


Mosher said...

I've honestly never watched a documentary about a band I love. I know there's a Maiden one kicking about, but I've never seen it.

The closest I could think of is Heavy Metal In Baghdad - a documentary about *music* I love and a band you have to have the world of respect for. Incredibly gritty, revealing, emotional, saddening and uplifting. A brilliant film.

Jeff said...

This reminds me that I need to watch BTLS again soon - such an awesome documentary! I also found it very interesting that Rutsey introduced the song. I'd love to see more footage of him with the band.

I don't think I've seen many other band documentaries either... in fact, unless "This is Spinal Tap" counts, I'm drawing a complete blank!

Wait, I do have a Bon Jovi documentary ("When We Were Beautiful") that came as a bonus disc with "The Circle", but I only watched it once and can't think of a specific bit of music from it, although I'm sure there was some good stuff in it.

David said...

Hello Mr Mosher

I'm not a huge fan of Maiden but I did enjoy Flight 666. I suspect you'd enjoy the Anvil documentary too. Have you seen it?

You've recommended the Heavy Metal Baghdad film before. Must try and dig it out.

Perhaps this topic is too restrictive. I think I'll broaden it to: "music from a documentary."

David said...

Hello Jeff

Long time no hear. How goes the work? With December rapidly approaching I was wondering if you'd have time to post some Christmas music again this year?

There was a fair bit in BTLS that was new to me but it was especially interesting to hear why John was asked to leave the band. I'd always had the impression that it was John who chose to leave because of his diabetes, so hearing what happened from Geddy and Alex was a revelation, to me at least.

I think Spinal Tap is classed as a mockumentary but given that they've been on tour and released more than one album, I think it would count!

Mosher said...

I actually have Anvil sat in my "to watch" pile where it's been for roughly 3 years :-/

The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years isn't bad either, though it's mainly snippets of interview and live footage. Incredible soundtrack though.