Saturday, 2 June 2012

Free Download Friday #126: Blues In The Schools

After a bit of a gap, and a day late, Free Download Friday (sic) returns with an old favourite. What would you say to more than twenty downloads from Joe Bonamassa? Me, I'd say "Yes please!"

Joe Bonamassa by DavidDMuir
Joe Bonamassa, a photo by DavidDMuir on Flickr.
I discovered this stash almost by accident. I was exploring Joe's site and saw a link to some photos from his tour. Following the link, I found myself at the Joe Bonamassa Experience (JBXP) fan site and I decided to sign up (for free) and join the community. During a wander, I came across the My JBXP Premier Account Page. The first few times I went there I failed to notice, that if you scroll down, there are two CDs and a pile of other tracks available for download.

My only problem is, that with the exception of one track, everything on the first CD is also on the second but I feel guilty and petty just for mentioning it!

I think the CDs, or at least one of them, is a compilation that he put together for the Blues In The Schools project which is a really interesting idea. Check it out while you listen to the freebies and let me know what you think.