Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 16 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Favourite music from a superhero movie

I like Nickelback but I find individual tracks to be a bit hit or miss. Perhaps it's the addition of Josey Scott, but for me, this theme from Spiderman, is a hit:

Is today a bit too geeky, or does everyone have a favourite superhero movie? :-)


Mosher said...

Great choice, but according to the soundtrack album (I won it in a competition - and it's not bad), the song isn't by Nickelback. It's Chad Kroeger from the band, but isn't attributed to them as a whole.

There are a few great superhero soundtrack and some good individual songs. Spider-man had a "for and inspired by" label which is unusual.

The best soundtrack overall, for me, was The Punisher. Mainly as the songs are pretty damn heavy. It's a soundtrack album I can put on and listen to right the way through. And as a bonus it includes Hatebreed.

However, the question does ask for the best "music" from a superhero film. In this case we have a tie:

Williams' Superman theme.
The theme from the Adam West Batman film.

David said...

...And back to John William's. The man is a genius.