Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 11 - 30 Day Movie Music Challenge

Music that shares its name with a film title but does not appear in the film

This one is trickier than I originally thought. I was going to go for Iron Man by Black Sabbath because I was fairly sure it didn't feature in the 2008 Iron Man film... but according to that pesky Wikipedia, an instrumental section is used at the start of the end titles. Curses, back to the drawing board.

Second choice then is High Fidelity - the film and the Elvis Costello track:

So here's a trailer for the film (with Jack Black stealing the show):

And here's the track:

Phew! I think this may be a fairly limited set of films. Can any one find any others or am I going to have to widen this out a bit?

{Update: Just changed Day 11's of the 30 Day Movie Music Challenge to (hopefully) make it easier. It now simply reads, "Music that shares its name with a film title." }


Jeff said...

This is a tough one indeed. How about Weird Al's "Twister", which is about the board game and completely unrelated to the 1996 movie of the same name?

Okay, on second thought, it's not quite so difficult as long as you have the right tools - in my case, my Flickchart (which is the closest thing I have to a definitive list of movies I've seen) and my foobar2000 media library. I just spent about 10 minutes (maybe longer) and came up with the following:

"Signs" (I have Creed's song in my collection, but I guess Five Man Electrical Band's song is more well known), "The Shining" (Badly Drawn Boy song), "Life is Beautiful" (Sixx:A.M.), "Cars" (Gary Numan/Fear Factory), "Up!" (Shania Twain - there's no exclamation point in the film title, but it's close enough), "Problem Child" (AC/DC - although I'm not certain that that song isn't in the film; Wikipedia doesn't mention it, though), "Misery" (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), "The Wizard" (Black Sabbath), "Where the Wild Things Are" (Metallica), "Godzilla" (Blue Oyster Cult - again, not certain, but Wikipedia indicates that it hasn't appeared in a Godzilla film), and "1984" (Van Halen, and I guess Bowie too).

David said...

Excellent work Jeff! I think though, given the amount of work you had to do, that this day's challenge will just be too difficult. I think I'll take out the "doesn't appear" bit which hopefully will make it easier if someone else wants to have a go. (Although no sign of that yet.)

P.S. I had not heard of Flickchart... I think you have just introduced me to a new way to waste time. :-)

Mosher said...

I've never seen the film "Starman", but I don't believe the Bowie track is in it anywhere. Off I go to IMDB to check...

Mosher said...

*win* It isn't.

And the soundtrack was released on my birthday in 1984. Cool.

David said...

Starman - with Jeff Bridges? Good film as far as I remember.

Mosher said...

That's the one. Pretty certain I've never seen it. From what I remember about a guy who arrives from space, not knowing how things work, falling for an Earth girl?

Actually, that sounds like Mork & Mindy without the jokes.

David said...

Mork and Mindy was a comedy!?

Mosher said...

Apparently so, yes... Robin Williams at his peak (that's "humour ability", not "nose-candy intake" - although the two did coincide)