Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 02 – Your favourite single

30 Day Song Challenge
Day 02 – Your favourite single

The first single I bought with my own money was My Coo Ca Choo by Alvin Stardust but not by any stretch of the imagination could this be described as a favourite!

My favourite single (i.e. proper vinyl disk that I still have stored in a box somewhere) is I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) by Genesis:

The more astute among you will realise that the Genesis single was released before the Alvin Stardust one, so I have to confess that I acquired a second hand copy of I Know What I Like in the late Seventies when I discovered the joys of Prog Rock!

(Despite the stumble with Alvin Stardust, have I recovered a bit from yesterday's Wombles confession?)


Mosher said...

My first single was *almost* Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters", but I eventually decided not to buy it. My dad had told me for years that singles were a waste of money.

I eventually picked up Tigertailz' "Love Bomb Baby" (with free sew-on patch) from a market stall in Newcastle's Grainger Market.

I still (to my other half's disdain) have the denim jacket the patch is sewn onto. I am also, courtesy of the same wonderful woman, have a ticket to see the band at the Glasgow Cathouse in a few weeks! First time I'll have seen them and around 20+ years since I bought the single!

David said...

Hello Iain

I kept my denim jacket onto which I had embroider the Rush starman until my eldest daughter started wearing it to university... where she promptly lost it. Bah!

David said...

Facebook comments:

Danny Chestnut Snr ✯: The Seeker - The Who. Bought it way back then, when it was released.

David Muir: Hello Danny, Clearly, I didn't hang out with the cool kids when I was growing up. You bought Cream and The Who. I bought The Wombles and Alvin Stardust!

Mosher said...

Gill wants me to throw it out simply because "you're 37!".

And? It still fits! I see guys well into their 50's at festivals wearing jackets just as cool

Mosher said...

Oh, BTW, the first single bought *for* me was a 4-track one from Pickwick (I think) featuring 4 children's TV themes. Pink Panther, Magic Roundabout and two others if I remember correctly.