Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Where's the YouTube Rock Band?

I wrote in my Education blog about the YouTube Orchestra. I think this is a great idea and wondered if anyone has ever done anything similar with a Blues or Rock band?

I'd heard of eJamming AUDiiO which apparently lets musicians collaborate in real time over the Internet. However, recording video separately and then mashing it together to create a group video would seem to be a low tech alternative. Clearly, there are timing and tuning issues, not to mention video editing problems, but with a bit of good will and effort from all involved it should be possible. Certainly, this chap has managed to do it:

Are there examples of amateur musicians cooperating to create music together in YouTube or elsewhere?


Andrew said...

Have you seen Kutiman?

David said...

Stunning. Just stunning. He isn't even getting everyone to play an agreed tune but is creating new music out of the unrelated clips. Brilliant. I went back and found Thru-You 01:

Thanks Andrew for bringing this to my attention.

Fitzgerald said...

I think a YouTube blues or rock band would be a great idea. I wonder what it would take to pull it off?

David said...

My gues is that it would take:

a) More musical talent than I have...


b) More time than I have!