Monday, 14 September 2009

Suburban Home Records

Suburban Home Records is celebrating its 14th birthday by offering everyone a free album. You give them your email before the end of September and they let you choose any album from their back catalogue. Call me old-fashioned but I thought on your birthday, people gave you gifts! ...Not that I'm complaining though.

I thought about keeping this until Friday and I may revisit it on a Friday, but it is such a brilliant deal and there is so much to chose from, I thought letting you know earlier was better than later.

It was Jeff at Totally Free Music that alerted me to this one but we both have the same problem... we don't know enough about the artists to decide which album to get. (Not the worst problem to have!). In his post about this offer (Free album from Suburban Home Records), he has asked for people to give him suggestions. I thought I'd have a go with Google forms.

Over the next few days, I'll be listening to tracks from their regular download page and posting reviews. The form I'm using is shown below, so feel free to add your own reviews. The results can be seen in this Google Doc spreadsheet. Hopefully, before the deadline of the end of September, there will be a few reviews of the free tracks to help guide you to the right CD for you.

Why not choose a couple of tracks you like the look of and add some reviews?


Jeff said...

Cool, I love the Google Docs idea! I didn't even know something like this could be done, actually. I've got every free track from their downloads page saved and put into a playlist, so I'll take my own notes (once I start making them) and put them into the document too.

David said...

Good stuff Jeff. Hopefully we can get two or three reviews for each track. Should help narrow dwn the choice.

Jeff said...

I've started putting in some of my own notes. I should let you know that I suck at naming genres, though, so any genres in my reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully my comments can make up for that. :)

Jeff said...

Man, there is a LOT of excellent music here. I still haven't found anything I like better than the very first track I listened to, though. That was Two Cow Garage's "Should've California". Right now I am leaning towards the album that that song comes from (III), but I'll give this at least another week to see if anything else leaps out at me like that one.

There is a "Summer 2009 Sampler" that can be downloaded as well, which seems to contain some different songs from the ones on the Media page (including a cover of The Beatles' "Oh Darling" by Two Cow Garage). I haven't downloaded that yet, but I probably will soon.

David said...

Hello Jeff

I saw you had started reviewing and I share your inability to pick genres! I even find it difficult to say who a band reminds me of sometimes. :-)

I've not got to Two Cow Garage yet (good name!) but I'm looking forward to it. My favourite so far is On High who only have a three track EP. All three tracks can be downloaded free and there is a promise of an album to come. Unfortunately it says the album was to be released in 2008, so I guess it has all fallen apart for some reason. :-(