Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rock Radio Win

I have done reasonably well out of Rock Radio competitions in the past although I was scunnered not to get anything out of the recent Rocktober - despite them giving away bucket loads of prizes every day.

However, yesterday I sent in a text and it was announced on air that David Muir was one of the winners of a pair of tickets to see Dommin at a secret gig next Tuesday. My only concern is that I've not had any confirmation yet... I suppose there could be more than one David Muir listening to Rock Radio.

I was aware of the name Dommin and had heard My Heart, Your Hands on the radio but didn't know much about them beyond that, so I've put myself on a crash course, for example by hitting their YouTube channel.

It has to be said, it's not the kind of stuff I usually listen to but I'm enjoying what I'm hearing and I'm really looking forward to the concert. My only concern is that they all look like they're barely out of short trousers. I fear that as a fat, baldy old man, I'll look well out of place!

Any fans of Dommin want to tell me what their best track is? What should I make sure I listen to so that I'm ready to see them live?

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