Friday, 27 March 2009

Free Download Friday #4

Eventually, I would have got around to talking about the Nine Inch Nails site. There's a lot of interesting stuff there - especially the Remix section.

Trent Reznor
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In the remix section, you don't just download a song, you download a multi-track version which you can then remix and upload back to the NIN site for other people to listen to and comment on. Brilliant! (And putting my education hat on for a moment, if school music departments aren't making use of sites like this, they should be ashamed of themselves.)

However, the main reason for linking to the NIN site today is that from time to time, they (and by they I probably mean him, i.e. Trent Reznor) make a complete CD available as a free download. Currently you can download The Slip and, to coincide with the tour, you can also get a NIN|JA EP with tracks from NIN, Jane's Addiction and Street Sweeper.

I think I like the NIN stuff the best but let me know what you think.


Jeff said...

Great post! I have blogged about NIN's free offerings so much on my own blog that I'm sure people must be getting sick of hearing me go on about them by now. ;)

I have made a few remixes and uploaded them to the remix site. They are extremely amateur, but just do a search for durga2112 if you're interested in hearing them.

The NINJA sampler is great. I like the NIN stuff the best too (especially "Non-Entity" - the fact that a song as good as that is a leftover speaks volumes about how great his music is), but the Street Sweeper tracks have really grown on me too.

David said...

Hello Jeff
My Free Download Friday posts are partly your fault. I've been following your blog for ages and I knew that if I ever got around to starting a music blog, I'd want to have a regular download spot. The hardest part will be not just reposting everything you find!

I remain only partially convinced by the Street Sweeper tracks although I agree that they have grown on me a bit. Also, your comment reminded me that I meant to put a Parental Advisory notice on this download because of some of the lyrics!