Thursday, 19 March 2009

Music Shuffle Game

I was looking for some online gig reviews and I noticed that two different music magazine websites had been playing the music shuffle game.

It is a very simple idea, and this is how you play: put your player on shuffle and note the first five tracks it plays. Key rule is no editing! You are not allowed to skip a track or substitute something "better" to try and make yourself look more cool. If you have the Spice Girls on your iPod then be prepared to suffer the consequences!

Burning Down by The Outskirts of Infinity
Not a band I really know. It's from a free cover disk given away with Classic Rock magazine. It's prog style noisy guitar music, so not too embarrassing as a number 1 out the shuffle.

Charley Patton Songs by Gomez
I like Gomez, especially their first two albums. This one's from How We Operate and it's OK - three stars on my iPod.

Parchman Farm by John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers
I hadn't heard this in ages. This is what makes the shuffle function great - rediscovering forgotten gems. Classic British Blues from a classic British bluesman. I saw him supporting B. B. King at a concert in Glasgow about ten years ago - now that was a great night!

Spanish Bombs by The Clash
The Clash. Nuff said. Although, if I was choosing myself, I would probably have gone for something else - Train In Vain perhaps.

Gone by Logan
A noisy rock band from Glasgow. If you haven't heard them I would recommend you spend some time checking them out. The track name above links to the Amazon download page but three of their albums are available on eMusic. (Warning: A couple of the albums listed by eMusic are clearly a different Logan!) I would recommend Cruel Little World as a good place to start. If you aren't already signed up for eMusic, check out my earlier post and perhaps you could use some of your 50 free songs to download some Logan.

So, there's my five. Perhaps not entirely indicative of my music tastes but not too embarrassing Anyone else want to have a go? Remember, no cheating, editing or skipping. It has to be the first five.

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