Monday, 9 March 2009

YouTube and PRS Fall Out

Just the other week I said that it was good to see some record companies seeing the value of offering free mp3 downloads. I was hopeful that the musical powers that be were beginning to understand the Internet and use it to promote music rather than fighting to block things at every turn...

Stop Hammertime.
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Then I read this:
YouTube to block UK music videos
YouTube is blocking all premium music videos to UK users after failing to reach a new licensing agreement with the Performing Right Society (PRS).
Oh dear.It's not clear who is being sillier here, YouTube or the PRS. My gut says its the PRS that are missing the point again and are in danger of killing the goose even as it lays the golden egg. However, it is equally possible that Google/YouTube is throwing its weight about as it tries to work out how it can profit from all this video it now has. (Heard on the radio earlier tonight that Google are struggling to make money from YouTube despite it being the second most popular search engine - after Google of course!)

So while the business people bicker over money, the fans and the bands lose out... I suspect only the lawyers will win financially out of this one.

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