Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Music that makes you dumb

I suspect this is old news for some people but I was most amused by the Music That Make You Dumb page. :-)

Led Zeppelin seem to do OK although Rush are conspicuous by their absence. (My theory is that they're off the scale to the right somewhere.)

This highlights to me something I've said elsewhere - there is an urgent need for someone to give me a large pile of money so that I can carry out field research during the upcoming AC/DC gig at Hampden Park in Glasgow. :-)


Afront said...

New news to me, I think your Rush hypotheses might have some mileage ;)

David said...

Hello Afront

Thanks for dropping by. I'm enjoying the Spotify stuff you are doing on your blog. I suspect a Spotify post will appear here soon. :-)

Glad you agreed with my Rush comment and that the Music that Makes You Dumb site was new to you. I'm never sure how far behind the musical curve I am with news!