Friday, 20 March 2009

Free Download Friday #3

I think it's a positive development that some parts of the music industry are (at least) beginning to realise there is a value in giving away music for free. Today's Free Download Friday highlights one music company that is offering some free mp3 files for download.

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Universal Music UK is offering the Universal Music Download System. Follow the link to the Download System page and you are presented with a range of links to different artists. It has to be said, not all are to my taste but there's just about something for everyone there. Follow an artist link and, in exchange for your email address, you get a free mp3 download. That seems to me a good exchange. They get an email address so they can send you marketing information about artists you like, and you get free music. Looks to me like a win/win deal.

The download I thought was most interesting is the Chris Cornell link. His latest release has caused a bit of controversy, so here's your chance to try before you buy!

What's your favourite download from the current list? Who should I check out?

Update: Now this is both annoying and bizarre! As I wrote this post I loaded the pages I wanted to link to and copied the URL. Everything worked. I hit the publish button and decided to download a couple more free tracks. I click the Universal Download Music link and I'm automatically re-directed to the Universal Music home page! What? The individual artist download pages seem to be there (at least for the moment) For example the Chris Cornell link still works as do these links to Elbow and Flyleaf but you can't get to the page that listed them all. Bah! A quick Google revealed you can still get to the equivalent page (but with a different roster of artists) in Australia. If I find out what's happened, I'll let you know.

Update 2: Grief! This has go to be the most disastrous post yet. Doesn't bode well for future Free Download Fridays! The Flyleaf link I gave you above still works but takes you to a DRM protected download... and one where the liscence has lapsed, so you can't hear it. However, there were two downloads available and the second still works and leads to an mp3. So, if you want to hear what Flyleaf are like, try this link.

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