Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Music Maths Monday

I meant to post this yesterday since The Guardian has started doing a Pop Maths feature every Monday. However, things got a bit hectic yesterday and I didn't have time to check the Grauniad or write my blog post. When I finally got around to it tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I won last weeks competition! When I say "pleasantly surprised", read ridiculously pleased. |:-)

If you want to have a go, at time of posting, they are on Pop maths: Week 14. The idea is quite simple - you are presented with a three arithmetic problems involving bands with numbers in their name. For example, one of the ones I got last week (did I mention I won?) was:
(zero x timbuk) - tet =
Now it has to be said that these are not the most well known of bands but I had a guess at Zero 7, Timbuk 3 and Four Tet. That made the calculation 7 x 3 - 4 = 17, so I ventured Heaven 17 as an answer. See how it works? (I'm not sure I should admit this, but Heaven 17 is a guilty pleasure of mine from the 1980s. One day I'll get around to getting the Luxury Gap as CD or download since I can't easily play my vinyl collection any more.)

Let me know if you have a go - especially if you win. (Did I mention that I won last week?)

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Aileen said...

lol. love it! Had missed this Grauniad feature, but now looking out for it.