Monday, 3 May 2010

Metal Goes To The Moves

The Music Radar website has published a list of Eleven Great Metal Movies. And if you are asking why it goes up to eleven rather than the traditional ten, you clearly haven't seen the movie they have at number ten!

I have a couple of questions about this list. one is, why does it not include The Song Remains The Same? (I would have bumped Bad News Tour on the grounds that it's not a film to make room for The Song.) And, is the list in any order? If so, why is This Is Spinal Tap not at the top (or the bottom depending on how you look at it)?

However, I am grateful that it introduced me to Airheads. Normally I'd avoid a film with either Brendan Fraser (who should be ashamed of the car crash that was the remake of Bedazzled) or Adam Sandler (who I've never seen in film I liked). But in this case, the wonderful Steve Buscemi seems to compensate for Brendan and Adam Sandler is not too prominent and so does OK. Also, it has a cameo from Lemmy - what's not to like?

So what do you think? What's your favourite metal movie? Are there any other gems I've missed?


Mosher said...

I've not looked at the list yet, but by the time I saw the first paragraph of your post I was thinking "I hope they've got Airheads on there". I *love* that film!

As for Spinal Tap, I believe I'm in the minority in thinking it was rubbish. So many lovely quotes, but all hanging off a rather dull film. Bad News and More Bad News were far better, IMHO.

Mosher said...

OK, looked now. They're missing Detroit Rock City which is at least as good as any other teen road movie you've seen in the last 10 years.

And if you've not seen Heavy Metal in Baghdad, do make the effort. It's an incredibly emotional documentary and not one just for the metal fans. Excellent film-making.

David said...

Hello Mr Mosh

I didn't say I didn't like Bad News Tour. It's just it was made for television and therefore shouldn't be in a list of top Metal Movies (IMHO).

I disagree with your assessment of Spinal Tap. Dull? Nah! Given the subject matter, it's surprisingly gentle in places - understated perhaps but I can't say I thought it was dull.

Is the problem that it is in a documentary style? Do you find other mockumentaries similarly dull?

David said...

Hello again

I've not seen either of the films you mention, although I read good things about Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

Also, just remembered another film that should probably be in the list: the Slade film Flame. A great and believable depiction of the rise and fall of a 70s Rock band.

Mosher said...

I was actually thinking the same thing re Bad News, in fairness. Bear in mind, though, that they are "mockumentaries" which is why I did highlight them in comparison to Spinal Tap.

Mind, I also thought that Withnail and I was about as funny as botulism. Apparently this makes me the only person in Britain who didn't like it.

Good grief, is that the time? Eek.

David said...

Fair point on the mockumentary front... in that case I don't get it that you don't get it!