Thursday, 25 March 2010

The guitar prize that keeps on giving...

One of the best prizes I have ever won was from Rock Radio who gave me the chance to build my own guitar with Bailey Guitars (see for example Accreditation for prior learning?). Well, my prize guitar has won me another prize!

078/365: I win!
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One of the immediate side effects of winning the guitar was it re-kindled my desire to learn to play (as I've mentioned before Teach Yourself Guitar: Progress So Far...). The desire is still there and half-hearted attempt to learn continues - another post about my progress (or lack thereof) is long overdue. As part of the learning process, I visited a number of online/tech based teaching schemes - one of which was LickLibrary. There is a staggering amount of stuff and a fairly active online community on the LickLibrary site. It has: video lessons; tracks to jam to; discussion forums; books; DVDs; competitions; ... I haven't purchased anything from there yet but I think, if I get better, I will eventually download some jamtrax and/or some lessons.

Although I didn't download anything, I did start following their Twitter feed and a couple of weeks ago I noticed a message from them asking people to send a tweet about their favourite guitar. The idea was, they would choose their favourite tweet and the winner would get "goodies worth over £100". So I sent the following:
@licklibrary My favourite guitar is the one my daughter made: It's gorgeous:
The winner was announced twenty minutes later:
Congrats to @DavidDMuir you win tonight's Twitter Goodie Pack. Direct Message me your name and address and we'll get it sent out to!
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To be honest, I'm not sure what a Pod is or why I'd need a bible for it and the books all look a bit to tricky for me at the moment. However, the Blues and the Nineties Rock books have stuff that I'm just about able to have a go at, so I'm looking forward to stretching myself and (hopefully) rising to the challenge.

What's the best competition win you have ever had?


admin said...

Hi David - that's great. Congratulations! I've always toyed with the idea of getting a Pod or the pocket Pod. I use the Line6 Toneport (UX2) to link to my computer and can mess around with effects that way, but it'd be nice to be able to have those effects running directly through the amp, which is what the POD does, I believe.

How about sharing the luck?


Jim (GuitarSavvy)

David said...

Hello Jim

Not sure about luck. Just right place at the right time I think... that and a stunning guitar courtesy of my daughter and Bailey Guitars!

admin said...

If you win that Iron Man 2 SG we'll know the truth :)

David said...

Hello Admin

Well the winners are announced and I didn't win... not sure what that proves!