Thursday, 2 April 2009

Buddy Rich: 30 September 1917 – 2 April 1987

I heard Alice Cooper on Planet Rock this morning talking about Buddy Rich since today is the anniversary of his death. Buddy was a stunningly good drummer as this clip of him in his 60s shows. Stick with it to the end where he plays a "drum" roll on his sticks!

There are those who don't see the appeal of drum solos but, perhaps because of my introduction to live music through 1970s rock concerts, I love them! However, hopefully even a disinterested viewer can see the skill, power and brilliance of the man from this clip. If you are interested, there are other YouTube videos of Buddy playing, including the classic Buddy Rich versus Animal drum battle.

Finally, I can't resist linking to Neil Peart (of Rush) playing at a Buddy Rich Memorial concert:

I am ashamed to say that, despite being a huge Neil Peart fan, I have yet to buy the Burning For Buddy CD. Maybe that will be a holiday treat to myself. :-)

Who are your favourite drummers? Also, just because I can, I've added a poll about drum solos. Let me know what you think.

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