Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Picture Quiz

Two of my most commented posts were quizzes: Spot The Track: Lyrics Quiz and You hum it... I'll play it so I decided I it was well past time for another one. I'd been trying to think of a quiz that couldn't be solved just by searching Google when Mosh directed me to Rik Aitch's picture quiz. So, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Mr Aitch should be well flattered.

Below are ten photographs of artists that I have seen in concert at one time or another. Some pictures are from roughly the era when I saw them and others are more up-to-date photographs. Just identify the artist. Simples! A special photographic no-prize is available for the person who gets the most.

{Update: People have started to get the right answers so I'll start to add picture attributions and answers under the pictures that have been guessed. So that people coming late to the party can still play, I'll put he answers in white text - if you want too see the answer, drag across the white gap and the highlighted answer should be visible. Of course, if you are looking at this in a feed reader rather than the blog, that trick probably wont work!}

{Update 2: Looks like you need some clues for the last few...}

{Update 3: The clues seem to have helped and all ten have now been guessed. Would you like another quiz sometime soon?}

1) Good jumper! Very rock n' roll. Hint: Founder member of the archetypal space rock group.
Picture by Watt_Dabney. The artist is Dave Brock. Guessed by Amanda Wilson.

2) One of the few photos taken from a live gig in Glasgow.
Picture by cx1uk (aka nwinton). The artist is Alex Lifeson. Guessed by gordonmckinlay. (Well, technically, nwinton knew the answer since he took the picture and gave the guitarit's birth name as the answer.)

3) He's a bass player (in case you need a hint on this one). Hint: Co-writer of a string of hits for his glam rock band - they were the first act to have three singles enter at the top of the UK singles charts.
Picture by Curbofotos. The artist is Jim Lea. Guessed by Amanda Wilson.

4) I remember his hair as being even longer
Picture by Watt_Dabney. The artist is Scott Gorham. Guessed by nwinton.

5) I'm impressed this chap still has so much hair! Hint: German connection - it is widely considered that this chap's band was at its best when a certain (mad?) German guitarists was with them.
Picture by hharryus. The artist is Phil Mogg. Guessed by Jeff.

6) How many keyboards can one person sensibly use? Hint: German connection - kraut rock but more Kraftwork than Rammstein. :-)
Picture by Ralf Roletschek. The artist is Edgar Froese. Guessed by Amanda Wilson.

7) I've seen him solo but never saw him with the band.
Picture by Affendaddy. The artist is Peter Gabriel. Guessed by nwinton.

8) I watched him destroy a guitar very much like the one in this picture.Picture by Helge Øverås. The artist is Ritchie Blackmore. Guessed by nwinton.

9) I saw him about 15 years before this picture was taken but as far as I remember, he looked exactly the same then as he does here.
Picture by volume12. The artist is B B King. Guessed by nwinton.

10) The t-shirts may be a bit of a giveaway here.
Picture by Burns!. The artist is Mike Peters. Guessed by MrsW.

{Note: All the photos are Creative Commons Licensed but for obvious reasons, I can't give full attribution until they have been correctly identified. I will update the post as people post the answers.}


Rik said...

I am flattered, but I'm also flummoxed...
3. David Gray?
9. Ben E King?

The rest, I haven't a clue!

David said...

Hello Rik

Thanks for being the first to have a go but clearly my musical tastes tend more to hard rock than yours do. You need to go a lot heavier than David Gray and a lot more bluesy than Ben E King. :-)

However, consider yourself the winner of the Best-Guess-So-Far wooden no-prize!

(P.S. Despite my claim to different musical tastes, I cannot tell a lie - I have a vinyl copy of a Thomson Twins album.)

Anonymous said...

OK... here's my first 'top-of-my-head' musings/guesses:

2 - Aleksandar Živojinović
4 - Scott Gorham... with 'not-getting-caught-up-in-the-machineheads-haircut'
7 - Mr Peter Gabriel
8 - Mr Ritchie Blackmore
9 - B.B. King

Don't think I'm finished either... I recognise at least 3 others but am darned if I can remember the names at the moment... ;o)

Mosher said...

6) Rick Wakeman. And that's the only one I have even the remotest vague clue about.

David said...

Hello Mr W.

2. Now you're just showing off... but then you had an unfair advantage in that you took the picture. Special Gibson based no-prize for the first person to say what he is better known as.

4. It is indeed Mr Gorham. I remember his hair being waist length but perhaps I'm haivering.

7. It looks like he's young enough in the picture to still be in Genesis. I didn't see him until after he'd left - it was the 1980 tour for PG3: Melt that I first saw him.

8. Mr. Blackmore indeed.

9. Yes, it's Mr B B King. I think this is the only concert I've been to where the band were so old, they did most of the set sitting down!

Five out of ten. Very impressive.

David said...

Hello Mr Mosher

Rick Wakeman is not a bad guess because it certainly the kind of music I like and the keyboard player was around at about the same time as Rick but unfortunately, it's not the right keyboard wizard.

However, I challenged you to put your guess on the blog and you rose to the challenge. So consider yourself the recipient of a cape based no-prize

David said...

Oh... And Mr W. definitely gets the Silver plated no-prize for getting so many on the first go. Will he be able to raise it to a gold plated no-prize? Or will he hold of and see if someone else can get a few of the people he missed?

Anonymous said...

Is 10 that guy from The Alarm - Welsh bloke... Mike Peters.

David said...

Hello Mrs W

Well done on getting number 10 It is Mike Peters. You have put Mr W to shame!

Anonymous said...

Yay! 5 and 6 are really bugging us :)

David said...

Hello Mr & Mrs W

I'll give you a hint tomorrow if they remain unguessed.

Gordon McKinlay said...

I am hopeless at this! I can never manage to match faces with names. I can just about cope with my own family then I begin to struggle!!!

I am not going to guess the ones that others have got right already - they were the ones I could have has a fair stab at.

I recognise 1,2 and 6 but can I remember who they are? No chance.

David said...

Hello Gordon

I'm surprised you didn't get 2... but I must admit, in general, I share your blindness for faces.

Gordon McKinlay said...

I do know number 2! I didn't recognise what Neil had written. Mere mortals recognise him as Alex Lifeson from Rush.

Well at least I don't need to hand my head in shame on that one!

David said...

Hello Gordon

Mister Lifeson it is.

Only four to go now.

Kenny O'Donnell said...

Is 1 Lemmy, who I think used to be in Hawkwind before they hung him out to dry?

David said...

Hello Mr O'Donnell

Oh! So close and yet so far. Right band but wrong band member.

Amanda Wilson said...

1 - Dave Brock ?
3 - Jim Lea - slade?
6 Edgar Froese tangerine dream?

5 still annoying me


Jeff said...

5 = Phil Mogg. Not that I could have told you that on my own, but a search for [German guitarists] brought up Michael Schenker, which led me to UFO and Mogg.

David said...

Hello Amanda

Excellent work in getting three out of the four remaining people.

1) is indeed Dave Brock - founder member of Hawkwind.

3) Jim Lea of Slade. I saw them in the mid-eighties when they past the height of their popularity but they put on a fantastic, out and out rock show. I was hugely impressed with them.

6 Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream. When I saw them, they had just released an album with (shock!) vocals on it. :-)

Excellent work on what were clearly three of the trickier ones. And you used the "right" Blogger account this time I see. :-)

Hello Jeff

Yes... Phil Mogg. And how cool is it that a search for "German guitarist" throws up Michael Schenker! You didn't even have to add "Mad" German guitarist... sorry, allegedly mad German guitarist. :-)

Good to hear from you. You haven't updated your free music blog in a while, so good to see you are still about.

Amanda Wilson said...

Yeah i know starting to remember who I am lol

another quiz rquired def :)

how about clips of songs or videos ?