Saturday, 20 March 2010

Free Download Friday #50:

Fifty free download Fridays! I'm really quite pleased with that.

I was struggling this week though - hence Free Music Saturday. However, thanks to NME 's Daily download blog, I can direct you to two tracks from the "new" Jimi Hendrix album on the Treeswingers site.

I've heard mixed reviews of this album with some suggesting that the tracks are better suited to bonus extras on a remastered disc, rather than meriting a release in their own right. But the title track Valleys of Neptune (which is available from the Treeswingers site) sounds good. It sounds like Jimi, perhaps Jimi could have polished it up a bit more if he was still around, it is nonetheless very good. The second track available for download though, Lullaby for the Summer, I'm not so sure about. Some good guitar work on it but for me it doesn't quite hang together.

So of the two songs I've heard, I would take one but leave the other as a bonus track. Still it's a new album from Jimi Hedrix! How cool is that?


Go to the Treeswinger page to have listen, and if you like what you hear, download!

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