Friday, 26 March 2010

Free Download #51: Tee Pee Records

Last week I struggled to know what to post for the free download. This week I struggled to choose between about six possibilities. In the end I decided to go for quantity!

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I referred to Tee Pee Records in a previous post (Free Download Friday #32: Black Math Horseman). Unfortunately, they seem to be streaming music from the band web pages now rather than offering downloads. However, you can still download a nineteen track sampler album. Nineteen! (Thought I'd say it again in case you weren't paying attention.) I gave a link to this album in a previous post but listening to it again today, I decided it was worth highlighting it properly and picking out a few tracks for special mention.

The album opens with a real rattler of "Wooorargh!" style Metal from a band called Iron Age. Despite my oft stated ambivalence to the Metal side of Rock... I really like this one and hope to track down more Iron Age just to check if it is just a one off, or if I really like them.

Another stand out track for me is Skeletelepathetic from Weird Owl. Much more melodic than Iron Age, with jangling guitars, solid drums and a spaced out psychedelic feel.

I've already raved about Tyrant from Black Math Horseman (Free Download Friday #32: Black Math Horseman) so I'll content myself by telling you to get this album and enjoy this odd and slightly creepy track.

Hopewell's Good Good Good Desperation (10am) is as odd sounding as the name implies but has a great guitar sound driving it along while there is all sorts of weird stuff is going on around, above and below the grumbling guitar riff. Add an interesting (not flashy) guitar solo about three and a half minutes in and you have a great, noisy rock track.

Another horse related band, Night Horse, offer Shine On Me - a no nonsense rock song that is belted out with gusto and guts. (Although the vocalists sounds like he's going to destroy his voice if he's not careful.)

Naam are another psychedelic band. (Roadrunner Records seems to collect them!) Their track on the album, Kingdom, is much darker and menacing than the other psychedelic-style tracks on this sampler. And just to make it even better, there's a bass riff that comes to the fore around the 4:40 mark that reminds me of Working Man by Rush... and that's a good thing in case you were wondering.

Godspeed/Sonic Prayer from Earthless is a real, Heavy Rock/Metal opus that runs for more than 30 minutes - a live track that suggests they are an outstanding set of musicians.

Quest For Fire
with their track, Bison Eyes, bring the album to a rip-roaring psychedelic close.

Get the Sampler Download and then come back here and tell me what your favourtes are.

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