Friday, 12 March 2010

Free Download Friday #49: Metal!

Fairly straightforward this week: a twenty-one track Metal Mayhem Compilation from Revolver Magazine.

With twenty-one tracks to choose from, hopefully you'll find something you like. The tracks I liked best are Behind The Sun from Living Colour (described by Wikipedia as "funk metal") and One More Time from Sugar Red Drive (I'd say at the rock end of metal) but standing head and shoulders above both of these is The Evils Of Rock And Roll by Bigelf.

09.02.2010 bigelf
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Bigelf are progressive metal and are (in my humble opinon) set to get massive (Massivelf?). So, give them your email, download and enjoy!

What's your favourite track?


Barbara said...

I love Big Elf! Learned about them from the guys at Ripple Effect.

David said...

I was so impressed... I bought the album. :-)