Friday, 29 January 2010

Free Download Friday #43: Logan

This is a follow up post to Free Download Friday #16: Logan because, once again, Reverbnation and Microsoft are making hundreds of tracks from unsigned bands available for free download.

It's the same deal as before. You get a free download, Microsoft puts a text banner advert across the bottom of the track's graphic and rewards the artists you download. There are also a couple of differences. This time, each week they display what the call Playlist 7 on the front page. The seven are chosen because they were the most popular downloads from a shortlist of fifty contenders published the previous week. However, you can still go to the full list and choose from the 679 available tracks.

The major difference is that now, before you can download a track, you hve to become a fan of Windows on facebook. As a long time Mac user that me gave me pause for thought... but a free download is a free download, so I sucked it up and became a fan!

In one sense I am pleased to see Logan are still there because you can download Something Else which is a cracker of a track. (As before, you cannot easily go directly to the Logan page - you have t use the alphabet of links at the to of the page, go to the Ls and then search for Logan.) However, the downside is that I assume this means they are still unsigned, which seems unbelievable.

There is also a free Logan track on the main Reverbenation site: a live version of When I Get Down.

Once again, there are so many tracks that it s difficult to know what else to recommend. If you recognise any of the artists, let me know if I should check them out.


Jeff said...

I found a track from b-Shake on there. I've blogged about those guys before and always find their music quite enjoyable.

I've found this giveaway a little annoying, though, because it doesn't seem to work in Opera; it keeps taking me back to a little popup that asks me to become a fan of Windows. I fired up IE to download the b-Shake track, and while I was there I grabbed a track called "Black Dog" by Gamages Model Train Club because I thought it was a Led Zeppelin cover; turns out that it isn't, but it's still a pretty decent track. :)

David said...

Hello Jeff

I spotted b-Shake and wondered if you'd already clocked it. :-)

Once again, I'm impressed with the number and range of tracks available.