Friday, 8 January 2010

Free Download Friday #41: Voodoo Six

Voodoo Six are a five piece rock band who have a great noisy guitar sound, a strong drummer and a new vocalist that sounds appropriately rough and rocking. Their début album was described as "The best début album I've heard in years" by no less that Steve Harris from Iron Maiden.

I first heard them on Planet Rock radio station who have been giving them a lot of airplay. I was impressed and very pleased when Planet Rock website gave a link to a free download of one of their tracks: Take The Blame. In exchange for giving them your email address, they'll send you a link to download a belter of a rock track.

A bit more searching about took me to their YouTube channel where you can see and hear more of their stuff, for instance Feed My Soul:

Even better, their Feed My Soul album is available on eMusic. Excellent! It's almost certainly going to be one of my downloads this month.

{Apology: I took a bit of a longer blogging holiday than I intended. Hopefully, I'll be more into the swing of it next week.}

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