Thursday, 21 January 2010

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam

I like to think I know a fair bit about Classic Rock music but admit to knowing less about the Blues (although I'm learning...). I have a friend at work though, Tom, who is extremely knowledgeable about the Blues and Rock. He has a CD, record, video and DVD collection that would put Amazon to shame and he reads more music magazines than I knew were published!

However, recently, I thought I had him beat. Daughter Number One gave me a CD for my Christmas and when we were talking about new stuff we'd been listening to, I started to tell him about this CD, quietly confident that he would not have heard of the artist. The conversation went something like this:
Me: My daughter gave me a great CD at Christmas. She shares a flat with a girl from the Isle of Man whose brother knows this brilliant young Blues guitarist...

Tom: Ah... Davy Knowles. Yes, I really like him. I got his new album last week. It's great. I think he was opening for Gov't Mule on one of their tours...

Me {Thinks}: Curses! He beat me to it again!
If you haven't heard of Mr Knowles, here's a video from his official YouTube channel, where he is jamming with Warren Haynes:

I don't know about you, but I'm impressed that he is doing so well and more than just keeping up with the Magnificent Mr Haynes. More recently he has been supporting Chickenfoot and you can see some YouTube video of him playing with Mr Satriani et al.

When I was first directed to Davy by Daughter Number One, I had a look on the Internet to see what I could find out about him. In doing so, I found a wonderful entry in Wikipedia about his band Back Door Slam. In the opening section, the version of the page at time of writing says: "
Adam joined Back Door Slam for what turned out to be two extensive tours of the US lasting until January 2009, and in doing so, cemented his reputation as a stunning bass player, and gaining widespread admiration of fans and musicians worldwide" {my emphasis}. Then nearer the end of the article, where it details Davy's decision to disband the group and go solo, it says: "Ross Doyle and Adam Jones were told by Knowles during a Christmas break with their families, not to come back to the USA as they were being replaced. Back Door Slams fans have responded negatively to the change in line-up, with many saying that the band has lost its magic without these two talented musicians". {again, my emphasis}. Brilliant, isn't it? Who do you think edited the page? If I were a gambling man, I'd go for Adam's girlfriend. :-)

So what do you think of Mr Knowles? And who would you recommend as an up and coming young Blues artist that I might be able to catch Tom with?

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