Thursday, 14 January 2010

What a nightmare! I missed it.

I think I did fairly well on the run up to Christmas with free festive music. There was a good mix of different styles with. something for everyone I hope. However I was looking for something a bit heavy - a bit of Christmas Rock or Metal but didn't find any. ...Until this week that is. Typical!

I discovered this week (thanks to catching up with stuff on the Classic Rock website) that Nightmare Records were giving away twenty-five free tracks with "were" being the operative word. It's difficult to tell from the titles of the tracks on offer but I think some at least would have fitted the Christmas bill perfectly. The offer was was reported on plenty of sites but somehow I missed it completely. Bah!

I'm more than a little miffed to have come to the party too late to get the freebie but I'll be keeping an eye on this site and will hopefully catch any future frees downloads in time.

Did you miss any freebies this Christmas?

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