Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 03 – Your favourite album track

30 Day Song Challenge
Day 03 - Your favourite album track

Hmmm! Tricky! Current favourite from an album I'm listening to a lot just now or all time stood the test of time favourite? I guess it has to be all time favourite... The other tricky bit is that favourite album track potentially overlaps with other song challenges, e.g. day 08 - The song you play the most on your mp3/itunes/whatever, day 19 – A song you never get sick of hearing, or day 30 – Your favourite song of all time. I want to try and feature 30 different songs, so I'm going to avoid candidates for days 8, 19 and 30.

I have decided therefore to go for an AC/DC track but even then I'm struggling to choose between the live version of Whole Lotta Rosie and Back In Black. Almost against my better judgement I'm going for this one:

In general, I think I would say that I preferred Bon Scott's vocals and since If You Want Blood was recorded at the Glasgow Apollo, it is possible that I was in the audience shouting "Angus!" at the appropriate points in the introduction. In the end though, it was the opening riff of Back In Black that swung it. As soon as it starts, the volume goes up and the air guitar is brought into action. Brilliant! I especially like the way the riff stutters into action and then seems to rewind:

dan, da-da-dan, da-da-dan, g'digga dig-ing
dan, da-da-dan, da-da-dan, g'dun g'dun g'dun g'dun


JanieT said...

Fleetwood Mac. Rumours. 'Go Your Own Way'

David said...

Hello Jane

It was really only Rumours era Fleetwood Mac that I knew until recently when I started to look into Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac. I think I like the earlier incarnation better.