Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 01 – A song from the first album you ever brought

30 Day Song Challenge
Day 01 – A song from the first album you ever brought

My daughter started this back in February and thought it might be interesting to try it but the nerd in me decided to wait for a 30 day long month just to keep things tidy. I am not the most consistent of posters, so thirty days in a row will be a real challenge! Note I decided to go for the same alternative challenge that Daughter Number 1 did.)

Here goes then with Day 1 - A song from the first album you ever brought

I suspect the first album I was given was a Top Of The Pops compilation of covers but as far as I remember, the first one I bought with my own money was Remember You're A Womble by the Wombles! (Oh the shame!)

Here then is something off that classic from the Seventies:

Hopefully this will become less embarrassing as the days go on!

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David said...

There's been a lot of conversation on facebook about this:

Jane Thomson
Loved it and listened to it everyday! Still like it.

Danny Chestnut Snr ✯ Politician - Goodbye Cream in 1970, bought for the ubiquitous 25p from a mate. Then the 25p was spent on 20 Embassy Regal and I helped him smoke them.

Jane Thomson Oh and there was also This wasn't my first buy but was introduced to FM by my husband to be so obviously loved it!

Jane Thomson missed out a comma there so might not make sense!

David Muir Now any of those three would have allowed me to maintain a shred of street cred... but no, I bought the Wombles!

Alan Yeoman It wasn't my first album but the Wombles were my first single . If I remember it was a small record shop across from Langside college - can't remember the name. The Wombles Square Dance was on the B side.

David Muir Hello Alan, I'm glad I'm not alone in my early Wombles obession.

Danny Chestnut Snr ✯ Did Tom Russell no' have a record shop round about there?

Danny Chestnut Snr ✯ First album bought from a record shop was "Fresh Cream" on the Polydor 99 label. Albums on this label cost, you guessed it, 99p. NSU, Sleepy Time Time are the only 2 tracks I def remember on this album. Got it from Cuthbertsons in Gilmour Street Paisley. in the downstairs record dept.

Marie Dougan Mine was A Hard Day's Night - track Can't Buy Me Love

Jane Thomson Just remembered my first single (45rpm). It was Tommy Steele's Little White Bull! Still a step up on the Wombles.

David Muir Hello Danny, I remember the record shop near Langside College too - it was the nearest one to where we stayed and I definitely bought a few records there. Didn't know it was Tom's shop though.

David Muir Hello Marie, Was EVERYONE cooler than me?

David Muir Hello Jane, Singles are the Day 2 challenge although it's favourite rather than first.