Saturday, 26 June 2010

Free Download Friday #64: Return to Roadrunner Records

After seeing Cohheed And Cambria at Rock Radio's Secret Session, I decided to see if I could track down any free music for download. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything from them. However, since they are with Roadrunner Records in the UK, I found my way to Roadrunner Records in the USA where, as usual, there was some good stuff available.

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It is a while since I visited Roadrunner Records (see Free Download Friday #44) and I thought it was interesting that I now own CDs that contain many of the tracks they are offering as free downloads. As I've often said, giving a track away free is a great way to generate interest and (probably) sales. It has certainly worked on me. I suspect I wouldn't have half the Roadrunner product I have if they hadn't given me a taste of their bands on the USA site.

So, in alphabetical order, here are the downloads currently on offer that caught my eye. Some I have already and some are new to me but I think all are interesting:
So, that's my picks. Have I missed any? What would you recommend.

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