Friday, 23 July 2010

Free Download Friday #65: Eels go Gospel

Free Music Friday returns with a belter of a track from Eels. The first Eels track I became consciously aware of was Novocaine For The Soul and I sought out the album, Beautiful Freak, as a result. It is a brilliant album and I still return to it on a regular basis. There are moments of darkness in the album (it got even darker in Electro-Shock Blues!) and often the more upbeat tunes are undercut by downbeat lyrics. A sense of melancholy pervades much of their (or perhaps more accurately, his) work.

By way of contrast is this track, Looking Up, which is offered in exchange for your email from the Eels website:

There is a good, gospel feel to it which is matched by positive sounding lyrics. Old piano, handclap, gospel choir, tambourines... the whole kit and caboodle. The opening lines are (I think):
I'm looking up.
Let me tell you what I mean.
Used to be kinda bitter.
Always had a baby sitter,
But I'm feeling much fitter.
Now I'm pretty sweet.
Back on my feet.
Walkin' down the street...
Perhaps Mr E has found his happy place. What do you think? Do you like the more positive vibe?

If you crave something less joyful, HearYa have a free download of Little Bird. The video from Official Eels YouTube channel is embedded below for your... er... entertainment.

{It's been a while since the last post and, since I'm still in holiday mode, post are likely to remain sporadic for a while yet!}


Amanda Wilson said...

should take more advice from ur downloads more often Mr Muir - most enjoyable :) is now "looking up" some other music :)

David said...

Glad you liked it! Let me know if there are other Free Download Fridays that you like.