Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Rush Tracks

As I mentioned in More Rush News, Rush have released a single in advance of the North American Tour. It is a two track single and I am hugely impressed with both songs:

Geddy's vocal style has changed over the years and synthesisers risen to the top and then fallen from grace... but their music has continued to grow and develop. It is exciting and challenging today as it every was.

Let me know what you think!

[Update: The widget isn't working... I'll try to fix it tomorrow.]
[Update 2: Rats! Still can't get the Amazon widget to work. Go there yourself and have a listen!]
[Update 3: If you haven't discovered it already, can I suggest you go to Isorski's Musings and have a look at the Rush review there (Music Review - New Rush Single) for a very thoughtful and helpful review.]

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Isorski said...

Thanks, David! I have a ticket to see the band in August and will for sure post a review. I am also seeing iron maiden tomorrow and will review that show this week. I hear it's mostly newer material, which ought to be controversial at best!