Friday, 5 February 2010

Free Download Friday #44: Dommin

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dommin acoustic set on Tuesday (see Rock Radio Win for details) and I really meant to have a review posted before now... maybe next week. :-)

Dark Holiday
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It seemed appropriate therefore to link to the Roadrunner Records' site where they are currently offering Tonight as a free download. It's a love song... of sorts... I think... but with a dark and brooding under-current.

That's the only Dommin track I can find for free download but they are currently streaming other tracks from the forthcoming album. (Well, it's forthcoming in the UK; it's already out in the USA.) So you can stream:
  • Love Is Gone: The title track from the album which is apparently about lost love... but does he protest too much?
  • Dark Holiday: Dommin said at the acoustic gig that it was a Doors inspired number which I can't say I'd noticed before but I can see it now. I think this one is interesting because the tune is almost jolly but the lyrics are really dark. Probably my favourite.
  • Honestly: Pain, angst, lost love... they are not described as a Goth band for nothing. :-)
Kristofer's vocal style really reminded me of someone else but I couldn't work out who... is he a bit like David Sylvian from Japan? Have a listen to Ghosts and tell me what you think.

While you are looking at Roadrunner Records' artists, you might just have time to download Get Busy Living from Airbourne... but it's only available for 24 hours, so you'll have to be quick.

Tonight by Dommin
Get Busy Living by Airbourne (if you're quick)

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