Saturday, 27 February 2010

Free Download Friday #47: We Are The Fallen

We Are The Fallen are a new(ish) band and I like what I've heard from them so far. Their only problem is, they are a band who will find it difficult to escape their past. If you don't know where they've come from, listen and see what you think. If you do know their history, pretend you don't and try to listen to them without prejudging.

In exchange for signing up to their mailing list, you can download an acoustic version of Bury Me Alive. This, however, is not a stripped back, unplugged version, but is a full on, string heavy production. I like it!

If you want to hear what they sound like in full on rock mode, their official YouTube channel has a video of them performing the same song live:

{Sorry I'm late again, I'll try to be better next week.}

So what do you think? Do you want to hear more?


Aileen said...

We (Joe and I) know. Great voice. Great sound. We've got our free download. Thanks!

David said...

Glad you liked it. Only two out of the four in the house though?