Thursday, 30 July 2009

Joan Armatrading's Favourite Guitarists

I'm thoroughly enjoying Joan Armatrading's Favourite Guitarists programmes on BBC Radio 4. One more programme to go but the full list of guitarists she's talking to is:
  1. Mark Knopfler
  2. Bonnie Raitt
  3. John Williams
  4. Russell Lissack
  5. Bert Jansch
An interesting range of guitarists and styles I think you'll agree. Try to catch them on Listen Again before they disappear.

My only problem with the programmes is they are way to short. At fifteen minutes long, they don't have time to properly explore the stuff they are talking about.

Let me know what you think of the programmes. If you feel like it, let me know who your five favourite guitarists would be.


Anonymous said...

I think my top 5 would be almost impossible to formulate - so many and so many different genres.
Notable, for me anyway would be John Lees from BJH, Schenker and Iommi and Leslie West. Then there's all the blues players, too many to mention. I suppose Buddy Guy and BB...

But one who never seams to get the much deserved attention he merits is Andy Latimer from Camel. Just listen to these songs (I know they're on YouTube) 'Stationary Traveller' and 'Long Goodbyes'. Latimer's playing is just awesomly mind-blowing, IMO anyway...


Anonymous said...

BTW, the live versions of the two Camel songs are on youtube as well, and really showcase Latimer's playing. Watch out for the reprise at the end of Long Goodbyes - wonderful stuff


David said...

Hello mimanifesto

Thanks for the comments. A friend of mine at school was really into Camel but I never really got it. What album should I get if I want to hear them at their best?

As for my own list of five... I would have loved to meet John Lee Hooker but since I've missed that I would go for B B King as a representative of that era of Blues and an awesome musician and showman to boot.

Iommi is tempting but for seminal British guitarists I think I would go for Clapton and Page.

Again, Schenker would be interesting but by some accounts, slightly mental. I think I would go for Eddie Van Halen for a rock guitarist of a similar vintage.

Final choice? Probably Joe Bonamassa is my favourite contemporary Blues artist.

I realise however that this leaves out Alex Lifeson - guitarist with the greatest band in the world. I think I'd drop either Page of Plant to make room for Alex. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi David

My Camel favourite would have to be the 'Stationary Traveller' album, but I guess most folks would go for the 'Snowgoose'...All the Camel live albums are good too...

Andy Latimer is recovering from a serious illness at the moment, but hopes to tour again soon.