Friday, 19 February 2010

Free Download Friday #46: Joe Bonamassa

I think Joe Bonamassa is one of the greatest Blues guitarists working today. And he produces new albums with alarming regularity... at least it's alarming for my bank balance. :-)

Joe has a new album out on the 22nd of March called Black Rock and he has made a track from it available as a free download. The track is called Blue And Evil and it is a belter!

The track seems well named as right from the opening acoustic section, it sounds dark and brooding with an interesting Eastern sounding influence too. A good slice of Blues that becomes heavier and rockier as it gets under way. Sections remind me of a Led Zeppelin riff - and that's a good thing!

If the rest of the album is half as good, it will be a must buy for all Blues and Classic Rock fans.

The download can be accessed from Joe's website where there is a fairly obvious link at the top of the current newsletter. Following the link will take you to the site's store where the track is on sale for 99 cents. But panic not, add it to your cart and then Continue to the Checkout. On this page, you will see the track still listed as costing 99¢ but under the table is a box where you can enter a "promo code". Enter the code from the newsletter, i.e. BNE2010, click Update and then Checkout. All being well, you will see a 99¢ discount has been applied.

Download and enjoy!

Go to the newsletter, follow the link, choose to buy the track and enter the promo code to get track for free.

P. S. After you download the track, they send you another email with a link to a 30 second clip of another track from the album.

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