Friday, 31 July 2009

Free Download Friday #20: The Gutter Twins

I was listening again to the Classic Rock Podcast (the one where I heard about the Duff McKagan free download of Dark Days - see Free Download Friday #8). In the podcast, Duff talked about some of the vocalists he liked and he talked about Mark Lanegan and in particular The Gutter Twins.

Duff raved about their album, Saturnalia, and especially the opening track, All Misery/Flowers. It's good and well worth the download cost. However, I went for a look to see what I could find for free. :-)

You can hear some tracks on their MySpace page but when I found my way to Sub Pop!, their record label, I was pleased to find a track available for download.

It's not the opening track recommended by Duff, but one called Idle Hands. I like it. Noisy, dark and menacing. The main vocals are gravelly and growley but nicely complimented by the other vocalist, especially on the chorus. There are also two videos available from The Gutter Twins page, including one for the album's opening track.

I'm going to have to spend a bit more time on the Sub Pop! pages since they have a huge number of artists listed and quite a few songs and videos available for download. The band that immediately caught my eye was the Flight of the Conchords, who have two songs and a video available for download. If you have never seen the Flight of the Conchords, do yourself a favour and track down their TV show today.

Does anybody else want to recommend a Sub Pop! artist or two that's worth a listen?

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