Friday, 1 May 2009

Free Download Friday #8: Duff McKagan's Loaded

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my first Free Music Friday since I had to stop posting to make time for study. Also, as I've already mentioned, Jeff set the bar pretty high, so I wanted to re-start with something that was good. I think I've managed both quality and quantity!

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Last night as I was mowing the lawn, I was listening to the latest Classic Rock Podcast. Among other things, they had an interview with Duff McKagan (of Guns n' Roses and Velvet Revolver fame). He seemed like a good chap... well apart from some gratuitous naughtiness - his is the only bit that needs a parental advisory. :-) ...But apart from that, he seems like a good chap. For instance he said some good things about Axl Rose and how he was always open to lyrical and musical ideas from the band. Also, he refused to be drawn into slagging off Scott Weiland which I thought was impressive.

What prompted this post though was news of one of his (many) side projects - Duff McKagan's Loaded. They have recently released a new album (which is available for download to subscribers to eMusic) but the previous album, Dark Days, is available as a free download. That's the whole album! For free. Excellent!

It's a very good rock album with a strong opening track in Seattlehead which really growls along (I do like a growly guitar). Another stand out is the title track, Dark Days. It's a belter - as menacing and brooding as the name suggests.

Do you like rock music? Then give it a go!

P.S. I was quite please with this download but when I went to check, as usual Jeff got there before me! Maybe one week I'll find something he hasn't already posted. :-)

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Jeff said...

Hehe, no worries - I was beaten to this one by Free Metal Albums, a blog which is well worth checking out if you're into more extreme forms of music.

I don't think I've listened to this album since I posted about it, but I absolutely loved it at the time - time for another listen, I think.