Friday, 7 August 2009

Free Downloads - What do you think?

This blog has a small but clearly intelligent readership. According to sitemeter it gets an average of 7 visits per day. However on Free Music Fridays, it often goes up to 15 visits or more. It seems that Free Music Friday posts are fairly popular.

However, with the honourable exception of Jeff, I get very little feedback on the Friday posts. So before posting this week's free download, I thought I'd do a bit of market research:
What has been your favourite download and why?

Or, if you've never downloaded any of the music, is there something that puts you off?
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Anonymous said...

Has to be John Wesley and Government Mule for me David - what a couple of finds :-)
keep them coming...


Jeff said...

My favourites so far would have to be The Trews and John Wesley, because they seem to fit in with my own musical tastes the best. I always read the Free Download Friday posts very carefully, and if your description of the music sounds like something I would be interested in, I download it.

I'll add the Dream Theater single to that list, even though I already knew about it before reading about it here.

Also, every time I see a FDF post in Google Reader, I make sure to share it, which causes it to appear in my blog's sidebar - hopefully that directs at least a few more readers here.

Keep up the great work!