Friday, 10 July 2009

Free Download Friday #18: Rob Tognoni

I don't know how to pronounce Rob Tognoni's name... but I know he is a blues rock guitarist from Australia and that he's jolly good. I also know that if you go to his website and sign up for to his mailing list, every so often he'll direct you to a free download and that's jolly good too.

His website links to his YouTube pages where you should be able to get a good idea of what he sounds like:

His last download offer was interesting. His email said:
"If you go to the page specified below and forward the promo email on, you will receive by email a link to another free mp3 - "Dark Angel & Bad Girl (Acoustic)" Recorded live at Radio 66, Colmar, France - 2005.

If you could also forward the email you receive on to EVERYONE you's a win / win situation! ;-)"
I thought this was a good idea and intended to save it for a Free Music Friday but I already had something lined up for that week and then... I forgot about it. Sorry Rob.

However, the download page is still active (and available in German too), so if you want Rob's version of Hey Joe and the chance to download another track by forwarding the offer to a friend, head over there now... Then come back here and let me know what you think of Rob


Keith said...

Yep I agree he's not at all bad :-)

PS name is pronounced tog-nown-nee

David said...

Hello Keith

Thanks for the comment and the pronunciation help. :-) Glad you like ob's stuff. What else do you listen to?

kakariki said...

Tognoni is pronounced "ton-yo-knee", with the emphasis on "yo". long o sound, as in "yo dude")